MusicBrainz Collection Plugin

The mbcollection plugin lets you submit your catalog to MusicBrainz to maintain your music collection list there.

To begin, just enable the mbcollection plugin in your configuration (see Using Plugins). Then, add your MusicBrainz username and password to your configuration file under a musicbrainz section:

    user: you
    pass: seekrit

Then, use the beet mbupdate command to send your albums to MusicBrainz. The command automatically adds all of your albums to the first collection it finds. If you don’t have a MusicBrainz collection yet, you may need to add one to your profile first.


To configure the plugin, make a mbcollection: section in your configuration file. There is one option available:

  • auto: Automatically amend your MusicBrainz collection whenever you import a new album. Default: no.