AcousticBrainz Submit Plugin

The absubmit plugin lets you submit acoustic analysis results to the AcousticBrainz server.


The absubmit plugin requires the streaming_extractor_music program to run. Its source can be found on GitHub, and while it is possible to compile the extractor from source, AcousticBrainz would prefer if you used their binary (see the AcousticBrainz FAQ).

The absubmit also plugin requires requests, which you can install using pip by typing:

pip install requests

After installing both the extractor binary and requests you can enable the plugin absubmit in your configuration (see Using Plugins).

Submitting Data


beet absubmit [QUERY]

to run the analysis program and upload its results.

The plugin works on music with a MusicBrainz track ID attached. The plugin will also skip music that the analysis tool doesn’t support. streaming_extractor_music currently supports files with the extensions mp3, ogg, oga, flac, mp4, m4a, m4r, m4b, m4p, aac, wma, asf, mpc, wv, spx, tta, 3g2, aif, aiff and ape.


To configure the plugin, make a absubmit: section in your configuration file. The available options are:

  • auto: Analyze every file on import. Otherwise, you need to use the beet absubmit command explicitly. Default: no
  • extractor: The absolute path to the streaming_extractor_music binary. Default: search for the program in your $PATH